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Don't invite troubles by using a single password to many online services. Read these free articles to know why you shouldn't do that and how to protect yourself in the modern digital world, what is the best way to use strong passwords and how to remember them.

CyberVor Attack Illustrates the Need for Password Managers

1.2 billion user names and passwords, and 524 million email addresses stolen.

In the largest known online security breach to date, at least 420,000 websites were hacked by CyberVor crime ring. A published report says the hackers have stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords in a series of Internet heists. The only advice to protect yourself is to use password manager.Read more >>

How a Simple Password Keeper App Can Save your Life (Literally)

Imagine one day you open your PayPal account and discover you lost more than $1000 because the password was stolen. Imagine your business conversation via e-mail was intercepted and as a result you suffered a lost of twice as much sum. Imagine all your accounts at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Steam suddenly became public. Read more >>

Is Your Password Safe? Learn Why It’s Not

In theory, any password can be cracked. The only limiting factor here is time. A simple 6-symbols lowercase password can be cracked in few minutes. A password of 8 mixed-case letters expands this period to 3 years. Add one more symbol and use some numeric or special characters and your password can now withstand brute force hacking attacks for 40 thousands years.

This may sound pretty hack-proof, but in the real world even those passwords are not safe. The reason for that is a human factor. Read more >>

How to Protect your Password in 2017: 6 Steps to a Secure Password

Approximately 90% of passwords are considered to be vulnerable to hacking. Security analysts all agree that our passwords are much more insecure than in the past. So why are hacker getting better at cracking our passwords? Read more >>

Who Needs Password Management and who doesn't

You need password manager if you care about your digital safety and want to protect yourself from identity thefts, if you want to use really strong and unique passwords for each login instead of using favorite pet's or mother's maiden names as a password. Read more >>

Can Your Password Be Cracked In 30 Minutes Or Less?

Should You Be Paranoid About Your Password? It's unbelievably easy to get hacked these days. According to a New York Times Article, the chances are that most people will get hacked at some point in their life. And it's not just about access to a single account. Since a lot of people use the same password for many or all of their accounts, it's about comprehensive identity theft. Read more >>

Password Keeper for Windows - SecureSafe Pro

Never check "Remember my login and password" box on web sites, since this is not safe and may lead to hackers getting access to your private information, or worse yet - stealing your identity. Use a password keeper instead. Read more >>

Secure Vault for Your Passwords

You don’t need memorizing multiple passwords now. The only password you need is you master password to get access to the password vault. You can use passwords of any length and complexity as you never will type them manually anymore. And finally, you can rest assured your passwords will never be stolen, and you privacy remains intact. Three mistakes – one solution! Read more >>

Password Storage App fow Windows - SecureSafe Pro

SecureSafe Pro is a specialized password storage program that stores files and passwords quickly and efficiently. The program is aimed at all those who want to store their PIN and PUK numbers, passwords, credit card details and any other valuable information in a safe place, where nobody else has access but them. The program uses a cutting-edge encryption technique and all the data is stored in a safety deposit box. In this review you will get a deeper insight into the features and functions of this password management software, along with its main benefits. Read more >>

Password Keeper - Vital Information That You Need To Know

SecureSafe Pro is simple and easy to use password keeper. This powerful tool allows you to get going instantly and now you do not have to remember your passwords ever again! Protect yourself against identity thefts - download password keeper for free right now! Read more >>

Never Let Your Credit Card Be Stolen

If you are a serious online buyer, you should keep your credit card numbers safe as you obviously don’t want to part with your honest penny. Credit card managers provide a protected storage for vital information like credit card numbers and thus shield your privacy with extreme reliability. Read more >>

Password Organizer for Windows SecureSafe Pro - Safely Manage, Store and Organize Your Passwords

Password organizer is the special type of software and was designed for the following purposes: instead of memorizing password to multiple online chats, forums, e-shops, e-mail or social network accounts you only need to keep one master password in your mind. All the rest ones are encrypted and stored by the program safely. Read more >>

All Your Passwords in One 100% Secure Place

SecureSafe Pro is the password keeper which helps in storing all your passwords so you don't need to keep your passwords in you mind anymore, and, as any such password management tool usually provides ways to quickly enter a certain password into the password form. Read more >>

Why Storing Passwords in a Browser Isn't Safe

Password managers are a secure way to keep your passwords protected and freely available to you at the same time. While browsers never put significant emphasis on password protection, specialized password management applications, like SecureSafe Pro, are tailored to the extreme safety of any data entered into them. Read more >>

Yellow Sticker with a Lock

Do you still have a single password to the many online services you have accounts with? That's a sure way to invite trouble. Once your password gets stolen from one of such services, all your other accounts sharing the same passwords are at immediate risk. The only way to ensure security is by using unique passwords for each and every Web site that requires an account to log in. Read more >>

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