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Is Your Password Safe? Learn Why It’s Not

5 Reasons to Start Using Password Managers

Manage your passwords securely

In theory, any password can be cracked. The only limiting factor here is time. A simple 6-symbols lowercase password can be cracked in few minutes. A password of 8 mixed-case letters expands this period to 3 years. Add one more symbol and use some numeric or special characters and your password can now withstand brute force hacking attacks for 40 thousands years.

This may sound pretty hack-proof, but in the real world even those passwords are not safe. The reason for that is a human factor.

Reason 1: Long passwords are hard to remember

People are lazy. We don’t like and often can’t remember long nearly senseless sequences that passwords usually are. We prefer easily memorable words, names, birth dates and such as passwords. And by doing so, we jeopardize our own informational safety.

Password managers on the other hand can remember anything, so you just have one master password – a safe one! – to unlock all other authentication information.

Reason 2: Writing passwords down is potentially dangerous

Many people register accounts using strong passwords containing 10+ symbols including numbers and special characters. In this case, passwords are safe, no doubt. But what do people do next? They write the password down into a plain text file and save it to the desktop! Hilarious!

So if you have spotted yourself here, know that your privacy is in danger. Password keepers can significantly reduce this chance however, as there will be only one password to remember. Or to write down if you still want to test your luck.

Reason 3: Browser is not always a safe place

When you first register at a website, your browser asks whether you want to store the password. Safe or not, we often agree for the sake of convenience. And while many browsers do provide some means to protect passwords, those means usually are as effective against serious hacks as a Panama hat is effective against a sniper headshot. On the contrary, password vault software usually encrypts passwords using strong algorithms like AES-256 rendering them virtually invincible to any hacks.

Reason 4: Storing all eggs in the same basket is risky

One-size-fits-all clothes rarely fit anyone. The same password used for multiple websites reduces your security proportionally to the number of those websites. So, if you use one password-for-all strategy, make sure it is a master password of your password manager at least. Tools like SecureSafe Pro keep hundreds of other passwords safe and firmly protected, while you still have to use only one.

Reason 5: Typing is boring

Once you realize the importance of long and hard-boiled passwords and the reason why writing them down is not safe, you also realize that now you have to type those passwords over and over. By hand. Not a big problem, after all, but who likes typing?

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