Search in the program
The search window
To start searching, select the Service | Search menu item or click the button on the toolbar above the folder tree (). You can also use the shortcut keys F3 or Ctrl+F.
You will see the search settings panel.
Search settings
  • Use the Search For field to enter either the full string you are looking for or a part of it. The Search For field supports regular expressions.
  • Select the fields you want to search by. All fields are connected with the OR operator. It means that if at least one field contains the string you are searching for, the item is considered a match.
  • Select item type. If you want to find matches in items of any type, select Any Type. If you need an item of a certain type, select this type.
  • Use the Look In combo box to select the folder to search in. If the folder is not in the combo box, select the Browse item and select the necessary folder in the dialog box.
  • If you want to search in all subfolders, select the Search in subfolders check box.
  • Click Start Search.
  • Your search results will be displayed in the right part of the window.
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