Regular expressions search
Regular expressions search
To perform the search using regular expressions, open the search window, enter the search expression and press the "Start" button. The following wildcards can be used:
"*" (asterisk) - stands for any number of any symbols.
For example, the inquiry "*.txt" will return the files "licence.txt", "help.txt" etc.
"?" (question mark) - any single symbol.
For example, the inquiry "" will return "song.mp3" and "song.mpg", but not "song.mpeg"
" " (space) - logical OR
For example, the inquiry "*.mp3 *.wav" will return the list of all wav and mp3 files.
"several words" (quotes) - whole phrase
For example the inquiry "romantic collection" (with quotes) will return "Romantic Collection CD vol 1" and "Romantic Collection CD vol 2", but not "My Music Collection"
The use of regular expressions is not obligatory, in most cases you can just enter some part of a file name, and the search will be successful (e.g.: the inquiry "californication" will return files "Red Hot Chill Peppers - Californication.txt" and "Red Hot Chill Peppers - californication.mp3").
Note: an empty search string will be interpreted as "*"
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