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SecureSafe Pro Password Manager Upgrade Policy

One Free Major Upgrade, Free Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

When you buy a copy of SecureSafe Pro, you will get one major upgrade, minor updates and bug fixes for free.

Major upgrade is upgrade of which the first version number has not changed. So, if you buy SecureSafe Pro 3.xx, you can upgrade it to SecureSafe Pro 4.xx for free when it will be released.

Minor updates are updates of which the first version number has not changed. So if you buy SecureSafe Pro 3.xx, you can upgrade to any other version of SecureSafe Pro 3.xx free of charge.

In other words, if you buy version 3.xx now, you will get all 3.xx and 4.xx versions for free.

You can check the version history on the SecureSafe Pro web site to ensure that you are using the latest version. As you can see in the version history, minor updates are frequently released.

How to Get The Latest Update

To upgrade your copy of SecureSafe Pro, you can simply download the latest version and install it. If you always download the complete package, you do not need to have the previous version installed to install the latest version. There is also no need to uninstall the previous version before upgrading if you do have it installed.

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Second and Further Major Upgrades

Major upgrades are indicated by a change in the first version number. So an upgrade from 3.xx to 4.0 is a major upgrade. Major upgrades usually have a significant amount of improvements and new features.

As mentioned before, you get first major upgrade for free. If you want to get second or further upgrades, you will likely have to pay an upgrade fee if you want to take advantage of a major update. This fee is typically half the price of the product. We do reserve the right to give you major updates for free as well, though. This decision will depend on how major the upgrade really is.

However, if a major upgrade is not free, the previous version will remain available for those who purchased it in the past and feel no need to upgrade. You will never be forced to upgrade. You will still be entitled to technical support if you continue to use the previous version. However, you will not receive any further updates with improvements or new features. And if you originally bought 1.xx or 2.xx, you can still buy the 4.xx upgrade even if you did not buy the 3.xx upgrade.

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