Working with folders
Folders in the program
Folders are places where you store data items in the program. Folders can contain other folders with the unlimited depth of nesting, as well as passwords, credit cards and files.
Adding a folder
To add a folder to the program, you should select the File | New Folder menu item or click the New Folder button on the toolbar (). You can also press the hotkey F7. The folder creation dialog box will appear. Enter a name for the new folder, select the folder where you want to place the new folder and click OK. The new folder will appear in the left panel of the main window.
Deleting a folder
To delete a folder, select the folder you want to delete, then press the hotkey Del or select the Edit | Delete menu item (). The folder will not be deleted from the datafile, but will be moved to the Deleted folder (see the Deleted folder). You can perform this operation by dragging the folder to the Deleted folder with your mouse.
Note: you cannot delete the Deleted folder.
Moving a folder
To move a folder to another folder, select the folder you want to move, then select the Edit|Move to folder menu item. The folder selection dialog box will appear on the screen. Select the target folder and click OK. The folder will be moved. You can also do this with your mouse.
Note: you cannot move the Deleted folder.
Renaming a folder
Select the folder you want to rename. Then select the Edit | Rename menu item and enter a new name for it. After that press Enter to apply the changes or Escape to cancel them. The hotkey for renaming is F2.
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