The “Favorites” list
The Favorites panel
To open the Favorites panel, select the View | Panels | Favorites menu item or click the Favorites button on the toolbar above the folder tree. You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl+I.
Adding an item into Favourites
You can make it easier to access frequently used items using Favourites. To add an item to Favourites, select it and either right-click it and select Add To Favourites or select the Edit | Add To Favourites item from the main menu ().
When add an item to Favourites, it is not copied. Only a link to it is added to Favourites. The item itself remains in the folder where it was and can be easily moved to any location in the program. If you edit its properties in Favourites, the changes will influence the original item. And vice versa, if you edit its properties in the folder tree (if you rename it, for instance), the changes will influence its representation in Favourites.
Tip: do not add too many items to Favourites. If there are too many items there, it will be difficult to find those you really need.
Deleting an item from Favourites
To delete an item from Favourites, switch to the Favourites panel, select the item you want to delete, right-click it and select the Remove from This List menu item (). When you delete an item from Favourites, it is not deleted from the datafile.
If you delete such an item from the datafile, it will be automatically deleted from Favourites when you empty the Deleted folder.
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