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How does the Password Manager Software Program Work

People nowadays have so many accounts on so many platforms that it becomes nearly impossible to memorize their respective passwords.

Each time you log into a social site or your own bank account, you need to enter your password but due to having many accounts and a number of passwords there is every chance of entering a wrong password which in turn may lead to several unwanted consequences like blocking the bank account etc.

The solution to this problem is using password management software which acts as a password manager by saving and protecting all your passwords with a strong encryption algorithm. All the passwords are saved with a master password.

Simple passwords are never secure. As they can be guessed, remembered and used by people with vested interests and are close to you too. Read more »

Password manager securely saves the login information and pops every time when you logs into your accounts with the help of the software.

Having a portable version of this software installed on your USB drive enables you to use it to log in to your accounts on other computers too.

Password management software integrates password manager which is an utility that you can use to save and retrieve all the essential passwords.

Its ability to limit the hackers' plans to hack your passwords is uncanny and it also adds convenient features for retrieving and organizing all the information.

In other words it can enable you to create passwords which are hack proof and the risk of your passwords getting stolen is eliminated.

And the best thing is it supports modern data security standards enabling the user to implement secure data access policies that are beyond control offered natively in Active directory.

The main advantages of password manager include

  • Increased security
  • Eliminates the need for memorizing the passwords or writing them
  • Passwords are no more lost or forgotten
  • No need to type your password for log ins as you use copy and paste instead
  • Synchronizes passwords database via Dropbox, Skydrive or other cloud service
  • Can be run from removable devices like HDD, USB flash drives etc.
  • Consumes very little memory
  • All passwords can be saved at one place

Password management software is aimed at keeping your security intact.

It has been studied that one of the main reasons of an account or a password getting hacked is the use of real words, kids' names, anniversary dates and other sequential numbers as passwords by people.

This is due to the reason that we find it hard to remember unfamiliar phrases or complex passwords.

Read more about using of insecure passwords here.

Password manager not only helps in creating a complex and long password but also helps in remembering it and retrieving it when ever needed. All the essential passwords are locked and encrypted and are protected by a single password which is known only to the user.

Simple passwords are never secure. As they can be guessed, remembered and used by people with vested interests and are close to you too.

Password management software is aimed at keeping your security intact. Password manager complex and obscure passwords remember and secure them, use them to log into your accounts and protects you from key logging and phishing attempts by unknown sources proving you complete peace of mind.

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Main features:

  • Stores all your access passwords and logins.
  • Fully customizable fields for each item.
  • 330+ custom icons for each item.
  • You can store regular files inside the program.
  • Very easy to search and navigate.
  • Program icon conveniently located in the system tray.
  • Uses military-grade encryption standard approved and used by the US Department of Defense (namely AES, Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit key).
  • Tough password generator.
  • It frees you from having to remember all of your passwords and logins.
  • There are no limits to how many entries you can store.
  • 100% free to download and try.

SecureSafe ProSecureSafe Pro

A password manager for Windows.

  • Use individual and strong passwords for each login place.
  • Keep and manage all passwords in one place protected by a single password and military grade encryption (namely AES, Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit key).
  • Fully customizable fields - you can store any kind of data.
  • Keep files inside! You can keep any file inside the program and run it.
  • 5 predefined templates: for passwords, credit cards, files, notes and URLs.
  • More than 300 icons for customizing your data.
  • 100% FREE to try.

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